How much does it cost to attend ASMSA?

ASMSA is a state-funded educational program, so there is no tuition. The annual student fee is approximately $850 — $350 in residential fees and $250 each semester for the concurrent credit program. Financial assistance is available for all that qualify through the Federal Lunch Program. Tuition, books, room and board are covered by the state of Arkansas. Personal items, travel, and phone expenses are the family’s responsibility. 

How do I get admitted to ASMSA?

Students must be residents of the state of Arkansas and have a minimum 3.25 unweighted grade point average (GPA). Students should complete the application in full, which must include ACT, SAT or COMPASS scores from Oct. 1, 2016, through April 1, 2017. Finally, students must attend an interview. 

What score do I need on the ACT or SAT in order to get accepted?

ASMSA requires a minimum composite score of 19 on the ACT or a comparable score on the SAT or COMPASS. Applicants are also required to have a 19 subscore in Math, English and Reading or comparable subscores on the SAT or COMPASS. Only scores from tests taken between Oct. 1, 2017, and April 1, 2018, will be accepted. We encourage you to start taking your tests in October. This way if you do not receive the score you desire, you will be able to retake the tests. Talk to your home school counselor about prep courses and materials.

What is the average ACT score and GPA for incoming students?

Over the last three years, the average ACT score has been around a 25 and the average GPA has been a 3.8. We factor in the region of your school as well as your school’s average test scores. 

Are there other courses at ASMSA besides math and science classes?

Although ASMSA is nationally known for its math, science, and computer science programs, we also offer Arts and Humanities courses. We offer classes such as: American Folk Music and Acoustics, Studies in Genocide and Human Rights, Comparative World Religions, Intro to Philosophy through Film and Literature, Painting, Graphic Design, Documentary Film Making. ASMSA offers several Global Language classes. Students from ASMSA are well-rounded and ready for practically any college major...even those that are not science or math-oriented.  

Will I be able to go home on the weekends to see my family? 

Yes! Students are allowed to go home on the weekends with their parents' permission. ASMSA also has what are called extended weekends every month. Classes typically dismiss on either a Thursday, with school being out on Friday or a Friday, with school being out on Monday. ASMSA is closed on state recognized holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, MLK, etc.) 

Do I have to have my own computer?

ASMSA has more than 300 computers on campus. Students have access to six computer labs as well as in the library. Students say it is more convenient to have their own computer, but it’s not necessary.

Is there a doctor or nurse on campus?   

We do have a nurse who is here five days a week to handle illness-related absences for school and any prescription medications. We also have a relationship with one of the area hospitals in case of a medical emergency. 

Do I have to wear a school uniform?

Students do not have to wear school uniforms. They are expected to adhere to the school’s dress code. 

Can I leave campus whenever I want?

No. Students have specific times they are allowed to check out. They must check out through the Residential Life office. Students must be accompanied by another student during the day and at least three other students during night time.  

What is an RM?

RM stands for residential mentor. An RM is a college graduate who is responsible for the safety, social, and recreational needs of the students. They live on the floor with students, and are often considered parents away rom home. Parents can contact any RM by telephone or email. 

Are there activities outside the classroom such as team sports?

Outside of the classroom, ASMSA offers a variety of clubs and activities for students with different interests. Although we do not have our own sports teams, students enjoy participating in all types of sports including, cheerleading, soccer, track, and softball through Hot Springs High School. We have many different service and social clubs and organizations, each with their own focus. We have a prom, homecoming week and other types of high school 
dances and activities.

ASMSA offers a truly unique and productive experience.

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