Our Mission

The mission of ASMSA is to create, encourage and sustain, throughout the State of Arkansas, an educational community of academically talented students, faculty and staff that pursues knowledge of mathematics, sciences and the arts.

To accomplish this mission, ASMSA strives to:

  1. Serve as a model for Arkansas schools;
  2. Serve as a center for teacher education;
  3. Provide courses and learning opportunities through distance education to improve instruction in mathematics, sciences and the arts for students and teachers throughout the State;
  4. Enhance the future of Arkansas by educating eleventh and twelfth grade students academically talented in mathematics, sciences and the arts;
  5. Prepare students for postsecondary education by providing innovative learning experiences; and
  6. Increase the public’s awareness of the importance of advanced education in mathematics, sciences and the arts.

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Prospective Students:

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