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It is the philosophy of ASMSA to provide student-centered learning opportunities and to promote critical thinking skills in a technologically-enhanced environment. Whether it be using the latest technology in the classroom as a learning tool, or accessing the Internet via the school's computer network from somewhere on campus, the ASMSA community embraces technology in its daily life.

Computing Services Staff

Larry Hankins, ASMSA Network Administrator

Ralph Malone, Network Administrator

Michael Bellomy, Help Desk Specialist
, 622-5132

Several students also work with the computer network as their Work Service job, and are available to help as problems arise.

Computer Use Policy

Rules and regulations for using the ASMSA computer network can be found in the related documents section at right.

Personal Computers

Students who bring any personal computer equipment must fill out a registration form in the Residential Life Office and pay an electricity assessment of $20 before bringing the equipment. ASMSA offers private Internet access in student rooms at no charge. 

Students are specifically forbidden to use the school's telephone lines to access the Internet.

Recreational use of personal computers should not interfere with academics. If nonacademic use of a computer is deemed to be interfering with an ASMSA student's success, such use may be restricted.

Accessing the network

To access the Internet in your dorm room through ASMSA's network, you must first have your own personal computer. Though generally recommended, it is not a necessity to have a personal computer here on campus. Many students get along just fine without one. Access to computers and the Internet is available for free in the Library when it is open.

After paying all fees, you will need to register your computer with the school. You will then need to hook up your computer to the network via the port located in your residence hall room. Connection cords and high speed network cards for your computer are your responsibility. Depending on your room location, you may need to obtain a "Hub" free of charge from the Computer Department that must be returned at the end of the year. You can then access the Internet 
from your personal computer (as well as public machines across campus) using your username and password provided to you by ASMSA.

It is strongly recommended that you have some sort of virus and spyware protection installed on your computer. If one machine on the network gets infected, it can cause the entire network to go down. 

Students are asked not to use file sharing programs on their computers connected to the school's network. The large amount of data transfer from one machine slows down the network for the entire campus. 

Every student - regardless of whether they have personal access in their rooms - is provided with a storage drive on the school's server where they canstore various files needed for their academic work. They are known as "G: Drives." You will need your username and password to access your G: Drive.


Every student, staff, and faculty member is provided with an ASMSA email account. These accounts can be accessed from

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