Global Learning Program

The Global Learning Program seeks to provide students with educational travel opportunities that allow the students to learn firsthand about other countries and cultures. We believe that when students travel to a foreign country, encounter a different culture, and meet new people, they develop new perspectives, global awareness, and better critical thinking skills. The goals of the program are as follows:

  1. To enhance student understanding of different countries and cultures.
  2. To foster global awareness and critical thinking skills through experiential learning. 
  3. To teach students how to travel abroad in a safe and efficient manner. 

ASMSA has partnered with EF Tours to offer the Grecian Odyssey Tour and World Strides for the British Writers Tour for Spring Break 2017. Each of these tours will be led by one or more ASMSA teachers who will prepare the students for the trip and supervise them while abroad. The tours are scheduled to depart over Spring Break 2017, which will be March 18-25. To learn more about the trip enrollment process for the Grecian Odyssey Tour, click here. To learn more about EF Tours, click here. To learn more about the trip ernrollment process for the British Writers Tour, click here. To learn more about WorldStrides, click here. To learn about WorldStrides terms and conditions, click here.

ASMSA has also partnered with Edu-inter to offer a French Immersion Tour in Quebec City, Canada, for the summer of 2017.  The French Immersion in Quebec Tour is scheduled to depart during summer 2017 from July 3-24.  Click on the links below to view the itinerary, cost, and other details about the tour.  To learn more about Edu-inter and to see an overview of the program, click here, or view the French and Multi Activity Camp in Quebec City flyer under related.  To learn more about how to register for the Quebec Tour, click here or view the Edu-inter Registration Form under Related.  To see the itinerary for this tour, click here, or view the Quebec Tour Itinerary under related.  To view the payment plan for this tour, click here, or view the Quebec Tour payment plan under related. 

ASMSA will offer a limited number of grants to ASMSA students who enroll in one of the Global Learning Program trips and submit the financial aid application. The purpose of the grant is to help lower the cost of study abroad for students and is part of our commitment to ensuring greater access to these extraordinary experiences.   

Financial assistance from ASMSA will be applied toward qualifying travel expenses. Qualifying travel expenses include airfare, lodging, transportation at the destination, entry fees to museums and other cultural sites, fees for tour guides, as well as breakfast and dinner daily. Students are also responsible for costs associated with travel to and from the Little Rock airport, any passports or visas, lunches, souvenirs, tips, optional excursions, and other personal expenses.

To learn about the payment program for the trips, click here.

To enroll for one of the tours, please fill out the financial aid application and e-mail it to Ron Luckow at Please note that only seniors will be considered for need-based scholarships.  Please note that in addition to submitting the application, grant recipients will be required to pay a $95 nonrefundable enrollment fee to secure their spot on the tour. However, you should not pay this fee until you have been notified that you have a spot on the tour. All students should be enrolled for the tours no later than September 1. If you have any questions, please contact Ron Luckow at or call 501-622-5134.


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To read the EF Tours Safety Handbook, click here, the image above or Safety Handbook under Related to the right.


Monjayaki for lunch during ASMSA student trip to Japan from ARMathSciArts on Vimeo.

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