Humanities and Arts

The Humanities Department is the largest department at ASMSA. Our courses include two levels of English Composition and  multiple levels of three foreign languages, interdisciplinary history and literature courses, and many specialized courses including speech and literature/history electives. 

We offer four interdisciplinary courses with the Science Department: American Folk Music and Acoustics, Digital Photography,  Art and Science of Photography, and Infectious Disease in History and Culture. 

The philosophy of the Humanities Department has developed from three key beliefs: First, team organization and teaching is superior to the isolated, solitary classroom. Secondly, Socratic seminars - in which questions are more important than answers - are preferable to the teacher dispensing knowledge through lecture. Third, the most effective way for students to demonstrate mastery of concepts and skills is by the varied means of assessment which range from research papers to 
debates, from student-produced films to game simulations, from in-class essays to re-enactments of historical events, while including traditional text-based content tests.

Department chair: Dan Kostopulos

A list of the Humanities Department instructors and their bios can be found in the Faculty & Staff Directory.

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Humanities Emphasis Overview


The Humanities Department is excited to announce a new Humanities Emphasis at ASMSA. Students who pursue this emphasis will have the opportunity to focus their coursework and FIRM research in the humanities.
Students apply for the Humanities Emphasis once they are already accepted at ASMSA and still study a full component of rigorous science and math classes.
The ASMSA Humanities Department welcomes students interested in the study of history, literature, social science, foreign language, and visual and performing arts to bring their passion and enthusiasm to study with us in these areas (or a combination of them).
Information for current students and parents about the ASMSA Humanities Emphasis can be found on the Humanities Google Site.


Junior English Composition (JEC) 
Senior English Composition (SEC)

  • Ancient Greek Literature

  • The Study and Creation of 
Contemporary Writing 

  • Comic Books in America 

  • Heroes and Villains 

  • World Literature 

  • African American Literature 

  • Modern American Novels
  • Southern Literature

Social Sciences

  • American Studies

  • Anthropology 

  • AP U.S. History 

  • World Studies
World War II 

  • U.S. Government and Politics 

  • AP U.S. Government and Politics 

  • Comparative Government and Politics
AP Comparative Government and Politics

  • Economics (Soc.)
  • Economics (Bus.)
  • Sociology

  • American Civil War 

  • Twentieth Century America
Comparative World Religions
Studies in Genocide and Human Rights
Introduction to Philosophy Through Film 
and Literature

Fine Arts 

Painting I, II
  • Drawing I, II

  • 2D Art
3D Art 

  • Art History
Graphic Design
  • American Folk Music and Acoustics
  • Documentary Filmmaking 

  • Digital Photography
  • Art and Science of Photography


  • French
  • Spanish
  • Japenese
  • Chinese

Additional Courses

Health, Physical Education

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Prospective Students:

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