The objectives of the Science Department are teaching the fundamental principles of science, teaching about science research, and connecting science to the humanities and everyday life.

To meet this first objective, the Science Department offers a wide variety of courses in physics, chemistry, biology, and multi-disciplinary topics. They range from introductory classes to college-level courses. We have Advanced Placement (AP) courses in all three disciplines and many courses that are beyond the AP level such as genetics, optics, and immunology. Many of the courses are eligible for concurrent enrollment credit. 

The second objective is met by the required research project for all ASMSA students and by advanced lab activities in all our courses. An excellent inventory of equipment is available to support these activities.

To meet the third objective, we offer a wide range of team-taught, multi-disciplinary courses. The department works closely with humanities instructors to offer courses that combine physics with music, art with chemistry, and photography with chemistry. We also teach a course that combines physics with human physiology and one in environmental science.

Department Chair: Dr. Brian Monson

A list of the the Science Department Instructors and their bios can be found in the Faculty & Staff Directory.

Courses offered:

  • Junior Fundamentals in Research Methods 
  • Senior Fundamentals in Research Methods

AP Environmental Science

  • Astronomy 

  • Astrophysics
Introduction to Geology

  • General Chemistry

  • Advanced General Chemistry 

  • Advanced Topics in Chemistry
AP Chemistry
Organic Chemistry with Laboratory 

  • Biochemistry with Laboratory 

  • Analytical Chemistry 

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

  • AP Biology 

  • Anatomy and Physiology 

  • Biomedical Physics 

  • Microbiology 

  • Aquatic Biology 

  • Basic Genetics 

  • Developmental Biology 

  • Botany

  • Zoology
Energy, Heat & Thermodynamics 

  • General Physics

  • Advanced General Physics
Biomedical Physics

  • AP Physics C (Mechanics/Electricity and Magnetism)
  • Advanced Topics in Physics
  • Engineering Design
  • Electric Circuits
  • American Folk Music and Acoustics
  • Art and Science of Photography


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