"The Model ASMSA Candidate"

  • Completes Algebra II or Geometry by the end of the sophomore year. 
  • Applies well before the deadline. 
  • Submits competitive ACT or SAT scores and transcripts (competitive = at or above incoming averages)    
  • Has taken the most demanding courses offered at home school 
  • Submits coherent, well-written essays
  • Retains a photocopy of all documents


Cost to attend ASMSA:

ASMSA is a state-funded educational program. The annual student fee is approximately $850. Financial assistance is available for all that qualify through the Federal Lunch Program. Books and room and board are covered by the state of Arkansas. Personal items, travel, and phone expenses are the family’s responsibility. 

The following yearly assessments are MANDATORY for all students:

  • $110 - Student Activity Assessment
  • $30 - Room Assessment
  • $45 - Electricity Assessment
  • $50 - Internet Assessment
  • $50 - Research Assessment
  • $40 - Laundry (Our laundry facilities are on each floor. Students may use them as often as needed.)
  • $25 - Parents' Association Dues  
  • Concurrent credit fees:  Fall Semester Fees - $250. Spring Semester Fees - $250

TOTAL ASSESSMENT: $850 for the academic year.

Residential fees are due no later than June 15 the summer before enrollment. Fall semester concurrent credit fees are due by Nov. 1. Spring semester concurrent credit fees are due by April 1. All fees are nonfrefundable.

For all explanations concerning the assessments, please refer to the current Student Handbook.

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Prospective Students:

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