Criteria for Admission

The Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts is a public, residential high school for academically advanced juniors and seniors. Students traditionally apply in their sophomore year for their final two years in school. In order to graduate from ASMSA, all students must complete two years. Below are the guidelines applicants should follow when applying for admission to ASMSA. 

Admission criteria are as follows: 

     1. Resident of the State of Arkansas.
     2. Current tenth grader or an eleventh grader willing to repeat the eleventh grade at ASMSA, and meet all graduation requirements as specified by ASMSA. The applicant must have a minimum of ten (10) Carnegie units of study upon completion of the tenth (10) grade.  This must include Algebra 1 and Geometry. ASMSA reserves the right to extend admission to freshman applicants for their sophomore year and beyond who possess profound academic ability in personal maturity on a case-by-case basis.
     3. Indications of high motivation and academic achievement that warrant more challenging and diversified curriculum in their junior or senior years.
     4. Noted for intellectual curiosity, analytical thinking, and imagination.
     5. Submission of standardized achievement/assessment test scores, with preference to exams taken during the year of application. At least one of these must be either the ACT or SAT. The writing portion of the exam is not required. Other test scores may include the following: ACT Aspire, PSAT, or any other standardized score(s) available.
         a. A minimum 19 Composite ACT score or SAT equivalent.
         b. A minimum 19 ACT subscore in reading, English and mathematics or SAT equivalent.
     6. A minimum unweighted GPA requirement of 3.25 in core academic courses.
     7. Clear evidence of strong aptitude and interest in mathematics, science, humanities, or art.
     8. Written essays and other biographic information.
     9. Three (3) letters of recommendation; one (1) from a high school English teacher, one (1) from a mathematics teacher, and one (1) from a science teacher who have knowledge of the applicant’s academic ability, capacity for growth, and personal integrity.
     10. Personal interview.


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Prospective Students:

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