Oatsvall, Neil Dr.

History Instructor

Dr. Neil Oatsvall received a PhD in History from the University of Kansas, an MA in History from North Carolina State University, and dual BA degrees in Asian Studies (Japanese) and History from the University of North Carolina. Before coming to ASMSA, he taught at a number of secondary and post-secondary institutions, including the North Carolina Governor’s School, Appalachian State University, and Allen Community College.

Dr. Oatsvall’s research and publications have focused on the intersection of environment, warfare, technology and agriculture in history. His dissertation centered on the ways U.S. executive policymakers coopted environmental science into their decisions concerning nuclear technologies.

His courses at ASMSA include U.S. History, Environmental History, U.S. Government, and Japanese Studies. Dr. Oatsvall’s website is located at www.neiloatsvall.com.

Phone: 501.622.5400

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