Ruehle, Dr. Jon

Biology Instructor


Is Jon Ruehle a scientist doing art, an artist doing science or someone doing both? Science and art merge in his scholarly studies of morphogenesis and the genetic regulation of development complimented by his fieldwork and depiction of wildlife in bronze sculpture. 

Dr. Ruehle received his Ph.D. in plant developmental genetics from the University of California at Davis while his sculptures are in hundreds of public and private collections worldwide including the National Academy of Design in NYC and the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyo. These two pursuits represent his fascination with how people understand their world. 

Dr. Ruehle initially studied anthropology and the cross-cultural formation of personality at UC Berkeley. From this he intended to become an ethnobotanist studying indigenous health practices in South America until most graduate programs in the field shut down. 

Dr. Ruehle returned to school following a successful career as an artist and completed his Ph.D. He taught at UC Davis, St. Mary’s College of California, and UCA in Arkansas before coming to ASMSA. 

Currently he teaches Microbiology, AP Environmental Science, Aquatic Biology, Zoology, Immunology, Developmental Biology, and Botany. 

Phone: 501.622.5127

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