Gregory, Bob

Dean of Academic Affairs


Bob Gregory graduated from Southern Illinois University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics. He worked for several years as a systems analyst at Texas Instruments and used very cool math to model the dynamics of guided missiles. He worked on target tracking and missile guidance algorithms. At TI, he was well paid and learned how to endure his job. He decided to pursue his passion for teaching and learning. Instead of living a life of “this is what I do,” Mr. Gregory decided to live a life of “this is who I am.”

Mr. Gregory has a total of 21 years experience teaching at the high school level. His first teaching job was at the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts. He spent the last 15 years teaching at the Webb School of Knoxville. His teaching experience includes classes in AP calculus, multi-variable calculus, vector calculus, linear algebra, complex analysis and chaos theory.

He teaches RTT, Pre-Calculus, Finite Math and Business Calculus at ASMSA.

Mr. Gregory spends his spare time investigating brain research, working sudoku puzzles, examining motivational strategies and problem solving. He reads mostly non-fiction, subscribing to Wired, Fast Company and Sports Illustrated Magazines. is his favorite URL. He likes to talk about how things work.

His Favorite Quote: "Numbers are perfect, infallible and everlasting. You aren’t." --Henry Rollins

Phone: 501.622.5114

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