Waddell, Dr. Lindsey

Geoscience and Chemistry Instructor


Dr. Lindsey Waddell is an alumna of the ASMSA Class of 1999. She holds a B.A. in geology from Smith College and a PhD in oceanography, marine geology, and geochemistry from the University of Michigan. 

In her doctoral research, she used stable isotopes preserved in deep sea sediments (some as old as 55 million years!) to examine changes in ocean circulation during past periods of significantly warmer or colder climatic conditions. 

Before coming to ASMSA, Dr. Waddell taught a number of courses in the geology department at Grand Valley State University in Michigan.  

She is married to Dr. Jack Waddell, who is also an alumnus of the ASMSA Class of 1999 and a member of the physics faculty.

Dr. Waddell is currently teaching Global Change, Earth Systems, and Oceanography at ASMSA.

Phone: 501.622.5171 or 5133

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