Davidson, Deleen

Choir Director


Deleen Davidson is a classically trained soprano formerly with the New Orleans Opera, who relocated to Hot Springs in 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  

Recipient of both Rotary International and Fulbright Scholarships, Ms. Davidson pursued European music and fine arts studies in Germany and Austria, including internships at the Feldkirch Musik Hochschule, and the Karlsruhe Opera House. She holds an honors degree in history from the University of New Orleans, with minor studies in music, fine art and German.

She is the president and principal artist of "The Muses" Creative Artistry Project, a non-profit Arts & Letters organization dedicated to excellence, inspiration, and wellness, preserving classical art and music through performance and education.

In 2008, Ms. Davidson was named "Arkansas' Treasurer of the Arts" by the Bebee administration, and her "Muses" project travels the state, and partners regularly with other arts organizations to enhance the cultural life of the region and help grow the creative economy. 

Phone: 501.463.4514

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