Annual Giving

Annual Giving is an essential component of ASMSA's fundraising, as most areas of the school rely heavily on the steady stream of unrestricted dollars that annual giving provides.

Annual Fund

Because of its flexibility in supporting ASMSA's needs, the Annual Fund is the preferred designation for most contributions.  As needed, the funds in the Annual Fund are dispersed to meet ASMSA's building and program needs, as well as covering the operating expenses of the Foundation Fund.

Employee Payroll Deduction Appeal

At the beginning of each school year, the Foundation Fund will conduct an annual appeal for employee payroll deduction contributions to the Foundation Fund.


From time to time, the Foundation Fund may conduct annual telephone fund drives to encourage annual giving from alumni and other supporters. ASMSA students will contact alumni and request support for ASMSA programs. 

Email Solicitations

From time to time, the Foundation Fund may conduct email solicitation drives to encourage annual giving from the donor community.  These appeals will often target specific needs of the institution.

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