Major Gifts

Major gifts achieve dramatic benefits for ASMSA's students, faculty and programs. Major gifts may come in the form of capital funds for building projects and institutional programs, or in the form of endowment funds that generate income in perpetuity for a specific use. A major gift is defined as an outright gift, pledge or gift in-kind of $50,000 or more.

Capital Gifts 

Funds secured for the purpose of building new facilities and enhancing existing facilities on campus are considered Capital Gifts. These funds are spent solely on the construction of new facilities or refurbishing or adding on to existing structures.  In the case of Capital Gifts, both the principal in the fund and any interested it may generate is used in its entirety. 

Non-Endowed Gifts 

Funds secured for the purpose of creating or enhancing ASMSA's institutional programs that are non-capital in nature and perpetuity is not required are considered non-endowed gifts.  The principal and any interest it may generate may be spent in its entirety for the programs to which they may be dedicated.

Endowment Gifts 

Gifts of Endowment are used to establish funds that will generate income in perpetuity.  The principal is invested and the interest generated provides funding for specific programs. A gift of $15,000 or more can help establish an endowed scholarship that can help ASMSA students attend college.

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