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For more than twenty years, the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts has worked to assist districts and educators by providing appropriately challenging learning opportunities for talented and motivated young Arkansans through a combination of our residential program, distance education learning initiatives and outreach programs meant to engage and inspire.

We are exceptionally proud of our alumni who carry forward the state's investment in their growth and maturation as the next generation of leaders increasing the quality of life in our state.

Beyond the residential experience, hundreds of Arkansas middle and high school students benefit annually from our digital learning courses in STEM and global languages as well as outreach programs meant to inspire students to explore science, math and the arts.

Stewards like you continue to invest time, energy, passion and resources in realizing a vision of exceptional opportunities for many of our state's most promising young minds. Your leadership in this regard has helped establish a strong foundation for success that has led to ASMSA being recognized nationally for its quality program and clear commitment to equity in access to opportunities.

Together we will continue to build on the past successes of ASMSA while ensuring our school remains a leader in educational opportunities.


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