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4 years ago

   Prominently displayed on one of the walls of the Administration Building’s lobby is an exhibit we call Dolphin Echoes. It features photos and brief bios of a few of our more than 2,000 alumni in Arkansas and beyond who are carrying ASMSA forward into the broader world.
   We’re proud that the first thing our guests think about when they arrive on campus is our alumni’s many accomplishments. These emerging leaders set the standard for what the current generation of ASMSA students should aspire to achieve and reminds our employees of the difference the program makes in the lives of talented young Arkansans.
   We try to celebrate many of those accomplishments with feature and news stories in this publication and on our social networks.
   These are important stories that we want to tell and our readers need to hear. Perhaps just as important, we need to share word of these accomplishments with the legislators and other stakeholders who make ASMSA a place where such stories can continue to be written or are at least an introductory chapter.
   Our alumni remain an essential part of our community of learning, and we also want to share your personal, professional and family milestones. We want to hear about your new job or a promotion, the happy announcements of marriages, and the celebration of a new addition to the family.
   We’re missing that connection — that tangent if you will — between our alumni and the institution. In future issues of Tangents, we plan to feature a section of such news called Dolphin Echoes that mirrors the visual reminder on campus of the importance of our alumni.
   For that to happen, however, we need your help by sending us news. Let us know about the exciting new job offer you just accepted. Be proud of the master’s or doctorate you just earned. Tell us about the special recognition you received. Brag about the album that is going to be your big break. Send us photos of your new bundles of joy or of the happy couple at your wedding.
   The simplest way to do this is by sending your news to
   If you prefer snail mail, you can send items to ASMSA, Attn: Donnie Sewell, 200 Whittington Ave., Hot Springs, AR 71901-3408. Be sure if you send photos, however, that you let us know if you want them back and include a return address.
   We look forward to hearing from you and so do your former classmates and teachers.


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