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Registration for the Arkansas STEM Pathways and other computer science classes for the 2016-17 academic year is now open. We look forward to a productive collaboration with your school.

For more than fifteen years, ASMSA has served among the pioneers and leading advocates in the development and expansion of opportunities through distance learning as well as the use of new and innovative technologies. ASMSA is an Arkansas Department of Education-approved digital provider to provide appropriately challenging learning opportunities for motivated students in school districts throughout the state. Courses are offered through blended and real-time instructional models including live lectures, online assignments, and lab experiences. ASMSA does this through Arkansas STEM Pathways.

Arkansas STEM Pathways presents a unique digital learning program with an emphasis on pre-AP and AP coursework including biology, environmental science, physics, mathematics, and computer science. These classes, offered in cooperation with ADE, are fully grant funded and are offered in a blended ACT 1280 of 2013 compliant format. There is no cost to the district beyond student textbooks. For more information on the STEM Pathways program, click here.

ASMSA is also offering two special computer science courses that provide faculty development opportunities. Essentials of Computer Programming Plus and AP Computer Science Principles Plus allow your district to work with our nationally acclaimed computer science specialist to provide digital and onsite computer science education opportunities for your students. To learn more about these courses, click here.

For information regarding ASMSA Digitial Learning, please contact:

Natalie Humphreys, Coordinator for Academic and Sponsored Programs, 501-622-5143,

David Slaymaker, Assistant Dean of Outreach, 501-622-5434,

Virtual Lab Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis from ARMathSciArts on Vimeo.

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