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For more than fifteen years, ASMSA has served among the pioneers and leading advocates in the development and expansion of opportunities through distance learning as well as the use of new and innovative technologies. ASMSA is an Arkansas Department of Education-approved digital provider to provide appropriately challenging learning opportunities for motivated students in school districts throughout the state. Courses are offered through blended and real-time instructional models including live lectures, online assignments, and lab experiences.

ASMSA is offering Computer Science I and II Plus and AP Biology Plus.

Computer Science I and II Plus is a unique opportunity for faculty members to prepare to teach computer science. They will work with our nationally acclaimed computer science specialist to provide digital and onsite computer science education opportunities for your students. Registration for the 2017-18 school year is now open and space is limited. For registration and more information, click here.

AP Biology Plus is a unique opportunity for your faculty members to prepare to teach AP Biology and increase student success on AP exams. AP Biology Plus allows your district to work with our extraordinary biology instructors to provide digital and on-site opportunities for your students.

Benefits for the AP Biology Instructor:
   • Access to expert teachers at ASMSA before, during, and after your regularly-scheduled classes.
   • Content and assessments provided online for student use in the classroom.
   • Help with course pacing and building of lesson plans.
   • Training in multiple hands-on biology laboratories and in-class activities.
   • Access to a community of other biology teachers around the state.
   • Approximately 48 ADE-approved hours of quality professional development (as part of a required week-long summer “bootcamp” and a minimum of three day-long workshops at ASMSA throughout the school year; four of these workshops will be offered and participation in all four is encouraged).

Benefits for the AP Biology Student:
   • Access to expert teachers at ASMSA in real time and via online messages.
   • Ability to self-pace due to asynchronous nature of content delivery.
   • Opportunity to earn college credit via the AP Biology exam.
   • Improved skills in written and verbal communication and experience in digital learning, an important skill when approximately one in four college students now enroll in online courses.
   • Class fulfills Arkansas Department of Education requirement of taking an online class prior to graduation.

Cost and Other Information:
   • Participating schools must assign a teacher to the class who seeks to improve their AP Biology instructional ability and increase their students' AP Biology scores.
   • There is a $100 registration fee to ensure a place and defer training costs.  There is no student tuition.
   • The ASMSA instructor will be the teacher of record, so APSI is not required for participating teachers.
   • Student textbook purchase is required by participating districts.  ASMSA has a limited number of textbooks available for lease to participating schools.
   • Participating districts must provide time for the assigned teacher to attend a week long summer boot camp (tentatively scheduled for July 24-28, 2017) and 4 one-day AP Biology Professional Development sessions throughout the year that accompany the class.  These are all held on the ASMSA campus in Hot Springs, AR.  Lodging and room and board are provided at no cost during the boot camp.

For registration and more information, click here.

For more information, please contact:

Natalie Humphreys, Coordinator for Academic and Sponsored Programs, 501-622-5143,

David Slaymaker, Assistant Dean of Outreach, 501-622-5434,

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