#g1rlsc0de offers young women in the eighth and ninth grades the opportunity to explore computer programming through multiple platforms. It is designed to spark an interest in the technology field among young women who may wish to pursue a career in computer science.

The goal of the program is to expand young women's definition of computer science as well as demonstrate women can do great things in the computer science field. While male interest in the field has increased since 2004 and the advent of the mobile age, interest in the sector by women has actually decreased. The number of computing degrees or certificates earned by women has dropped by almost 30 percent, contributing to an even greater gender gap in an already male-dominated industry.

#g1rlsc0de will serve as an introduction to what is possible for women to accomplish in the computer science field. Three sessions are set for this year's program. Individual sessions are set for three Saturdays during the 2016-17 academic year — Oct. 22, Dec. 17 and Feb. 18. To view individual sessions or to register, click here.

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