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Summer at ASMSA offers exciting camps where rising sophomores can participate in fun and challenging programs focusing on art, music and acoustics, mathematics, computer programming, and robotics. Camps are tuition free and space is limited. See below for individual camp information.

Summer Arts Bridge: June 18-23, 2017

Summer At ASMSA is an exciting program for 52 rising sophomores to participate in fun, interactive sessions focusing on Art, Acoustics and Music, Computer Programming and Mathematics. This is a six-day, five-night camp to be held June 18-23, 2017.  

Cost: Free (includes tuition, housing, meals, and class supplies)
Where: ASMSA Campus
Who:  Rising sophomores (students entering 10th grade)
When: June 18-23, 2017

Studio Art: Through funding from the Windgate Foundation, ASMSA’s art instructor Brad Wreyford will offer Studio Art which is an initiative to help grow students' excitement about the arts. Students will create abstractions with collage and dry media as well as explore representation through experimentation with varying wet and dry media.  

Folk Music and Acoustics: Taught by ASMSA instructors James Katowich and Dr. Brian Monson, Folk Music and Acoustics class is, perhaps, our most unique course. Students will receive a brief introduction to the science of sound as it applies to music combined with building and learning to play cardboard guitars. No previous experience or musical training is required.

Nerd C.A.M.P.: June 18-23, 2017

Nerd C.A.M.P. (Computational Analysis, Math and Programming) will help students understand the links between subjects through classes in mobile app development, number theory, and other mathematic principles. We wear the name “nerd” as a badge of pride because being a nerd means getting excited about technology and solving problems. Students should have strong prior experiences in math and an interest in coding. Taught by ASMSA math instructors Walt Levisee and Caleb Grisham and ASMSA computer science instructor Denise Gregory and computer science education specialist Daniel Moix, the courses emphasize conceptual understanding, multiple representations and connections, mathematical modeling, mathematical problem solving technology and alternative assessments.  Students will rotate through the following courses:

Explore the World of Fractals through Programming - We will explore fractals using programming methods to create cool pictures. Campers will learn how to write & manipulate code to personalize images. After attending this camp students will be able to design their own images at home.

Create Android Apps with MIT App Inventor - We will learn how to create mobile apps for the Android platform using MIT App Inventor, a drag-and-drop programming language suitable for beginners. You are welcome to use your own device, but we have tablets that you can borrow if you're not an Android owner.

INFINITY!!! - We will look at various mathematical computations involving infinity.

A Gentle Introduction to Number Theory - A brief introduction to topics from number theory that don't require mathematical skills beyond algebra. Topics will include a study of prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio, modular arithmetic and cryptography.

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For more information about Summer At ASMSA, contact David Slaymaker, Assistant Dean for Outreach, at 501-622-5434 or or Natalie Humphreys, Coordinator for Academic and Sponsored Programs, at 501-622-5143 or


AEGIS Project M.A.R.S. Summer Camp: July 16-21


In conjunction with the Arkansas Department of Education, ASMSA is excited to offer Project M.A.R.S. (Mars Autonomous Robot System) Summer Camp. The Project M.A.R.S. camp is a six-day, five-night summer residential program for 32 rising sophomores who come from low-income backgrounds. All applications will be considered, however, preference will be given to students who come from the Delta region of Arkansas. The camp will provide an exciting  hands on experience in the field of robotics. Camp activities will center around building and controlling robots in the context of performing tasks remotely on Mars and the creation of mobile apps for robot control.

Cost: Free (includes tuition, housing, meals, and class supplies)
Where: ASMSA Campus
Who: Rising sophomores (students entering grade 10)
July 16:  Arrival by 4:00 p.m.
July 17-20: Camp
July 21: Camp and departure at 4:00 p.m. (campers may stay over and leave the following morning)
July 22: Departure by 10:00 a.m.

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For more information about AEGIS Project M.A.R.S., contact David Slaymaker, Assistant Dean for Outreach, at 501-622-5434 or or Natalie Humphreys, Coordinator for Academic and Sponsored Programs, at 501-622-5143 or

Consideration of applications will begin upon receipt.  Applications will be accepted until all spots are filled with preference given to applications received before April 30, 2017.

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