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Residential Life 

Part of the ASMSA experience is living on campus in the residence hall. Your classmates are your neighbors. While common at colleges and universities across the country, it is
incredibly rare to offer this type of atmosphere to high school aged students.  

The Residential Life staff is here to help you adjust to living in a residential community and to make your memories outside the classroom the best they can be. They also are responsible for making sure the students are back in their rooms by curfew each night. In addition, there is a security team on campus 24/7 to ensure our students' safety. 


ASMSA students work hard in the classroom and play hard outside the classroom. Interests here reach far beyond just those of an academic nature. There is a large variety of clubs and activities on campus for students to become involved in. Each year we add new and exciting clubs and groups to satisfy a particular niche. ASMSA's clubs and organizations are an integral part of what makes us such a strong community. You can view a calendar of upcoming student activities here.

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Dolphin Bay Cafe


If you're living and sleeping gotta eat here, too.
The Dolphin Bay Cafe, our on-campus dining facility, is open for three meals a day, free of charge to students. Two hot entrees are offered at every meal as well as 
a vegetarian dish, a rotating specialty bar, a deli line and a salad bar. And don't forget about dessert! 

The cafeteria also hosts a variety of special events and theme nights (including Pajama Night, Midnight Breakfast during finals week, and the Super Bowl Party) throughout the year to add a little spice to your dining experience!

This week's menu.


You don't have to worry about giving up your favorite sports while getting a superior education here at ASMSA.
Intramural versions of soccer, football and ultimate Frisbee are played nightly right here on campus. Want something more competitive? ASMSA has a special relationship with Hot Springs High School that allows our students to play on their soccer, softball, football and other sports teams. Gymnastics and martial arts are also popular.

In addition to these more traditional team sports, every year ASMSA participates in the multi-state competition SLAAMT, where the Math & Science schools from Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas gather at that year's host school to compete against one another in a wide variety of competitions. Everything from soccer and tennis to chess and an academic "Jeopardy" type contest. ASMSA students consistently take home top awards from SLAAMT.

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Prospective Students:

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