Office: 1st floor, Student Center

Kevin Abbott, Site Supervisor

Telephone: 501-622-5153


The Security Office is open and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Security at ASMSA is achieved by security staff, the campus community and technology. 

The security staff monitors approximately 40 surveillance cameras located throughout campus, monitors and registers all incoming guests, coordinates parking passes, organizes and maintains room keys, and makes rounds of the campus at all times of the day. They are ready to quickly respond to any emergency that may arise. All security officers are licensed by the State of Arkansas. 

Security staff conducts foot patrols of the campus numerous times a day.  Some areas covered are residence hall floors, parking lots and student recreation facilities.

The school requires all persons on campus be registered with the security office. An identification badge is issued that must be worn at all times. 

Students are required to sign in or out at the Resident Life Office at all times. The Resident Life Staff and ASMSA Security work closely to insure that a student’s whereabouts are known whether off or on campus.

The school’s faculty, facilities staff and students are trained and drilled for all emergency situations. Fire, tornado and unauthorized persons on campus drills are conducted.

The entire campus is under surveillance by closed circuit cameras. The data from the cameras is monitored by security staff at all times and recorded.

Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts has been kept safe and will continue to be a safe campus by this three pronged effort.  

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