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The method of governance of an institution is important in determining its success. ASMSA was established by the State of Arkansas to educate gifted and talented mathematics, science, and arts students, and develop curricula to improve instruction in such disciplines. These goals can best be served
 through the corporate efforts of students, faculty, staff and administrators.

The General Assembly's membership consists of the Director (ex officio), Full-time faculty, Full-time staff, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Students, Dean of Distance Education and Information Technology, Director of Finance, Director of Institutional Advancement, and President and Vice President of the Student Government Association.

The General Assembly is responsible for recommending education policies and programs in such areas as: admissions requirements, curriculum, calendar and schedules, academic honors, and student affairs.

The General Assembly shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Director and shall have the authority to make recommendations on matters of general faculty or campus-wide concern.



The ASMSA Constitution can be viewed in the related documents column at the right. Anyone who is represented in the ASMSA General Assembly may submit a proposed constitutional amendment. The amendment will have to be approved by the Governing Council, the General Assembly and the Director. The form is in the related documents column at the right. 



Anyone who is represented in the ASMSA General Assembly can submit a proposed policy change. The suggestion will then have to be approved by the appropriate Policy Committee, the Governing Council, and the Director. The form is in the related documents column at right. 



The primary function of the Governing Council is to review policies and documents prepared by policy committees for consideration by the Director.
 Recommendations from the General Assembly concerning educational policies and programs will be forwarded to the Governing Council and Director. 

OFFICERS (2015-16)

 - Liz Miller

Vice President
 - Bryan Adams

Secretary - Julie LaRue



Dan Kostopoulos (Humanities)

Denise Gregory (Math/Computer Science)

Patrycja Krakoviak (Science)

Olivia Gatten (Counseling/Library)

Bill Currier (Administration)

Rex Hearn (Student Government Association President)

Jason Riley (Residential Life)

Whitney Hammons (Staff)




These committees will report to the Governing Council. Membership guidelines can be found in the Constitution.

Faculty/Staff Affairs Committee - Bill Currier

Student Affairs Committee - Bill Currier

Curriculum Review Committee - Bob Gregory

Admissions/Public Relations Committee - Valerie Carpenter

Fiscal Affairs/Facilities Committee - JaNan Abernathy

Technology Committee - Larry Hankins

Long Range Planning Committee - To Be Determined

Campus Safety Committee - Bill Currier

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